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At CJM Home Improvement, we take pride in offering our clients quality work that displays attention to detail. As a family and veteran-owned business, we work hard to carry on the tradition of excellence in everything we do. Trust us to bring you the best home improvement solutions on the market.



Free estimates are provided on request. Pricing is based on current retail pricing of materials and estimated duration of labor.

Price Per Hour

$80 - $135 First Hour

+$135 Additional Hour

Price per hour is based on skill of labor and travel. Within your allotted time, we try our best to provide as many services possible to keep costs to a minimum for you.

Price Per Job

Pricing per job is based on entire scope of a project. This usually includes a deck repair, fence project, large painting project, etc.

We try our best to find cost-saving options and still deliver a high quality result.


We offer packages to maintain filters bi-monthly, pressure washes, 

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Concrete Wall
cjm -19.jpg

Fence Repair / Install

cjm -03.jpg

Filter Replacements

cjm -31.jpg

Painting & Caulking


Accent Walls

cjm -06.jpg

Limestone Repairs

cjm -12.jpg

Power Washing

cjm -23.jpg

Fixture Replacements

cjm -40.jpg

TV Mounting & Wall Art

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